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Jeremy Johnston

Thank you so much for this blog! Just this day a prospective student asked me to clarify these scriptures and explain why I thought the KJV was in error when it included those words in its text. I came across your blog and it helped me a great deal to explain our view on the spurious text here. Thank you brother your blog is a gift to us all

tom sheepandgoats

Thanks, Jeremy, for the kind words.

A search on "1 John 5:7" in Wt publications index turns up 107 instances in which the Watchtower has discussed the scripture. It would take a bit of searching, but no doubt many of them would have also supplied the details you were looking for.



I've just stumbled across your very intresting blog - this link* may be of interest on this topic.


*not sure if you will allow links

tom sheepandgoats

Not always, but sometimes. Thanks, Rosie.


I find it compelling that you offer an intuitive thought no one I know has ever proffered, and discredit it. It would have been beneficial for you to look as critically at your own false "intuitive thought." No one has, as you well know, a copy of the original writing. They are all "copies of copies," and all equally at risk of changes. So the copies you trust are "older" and therefore intuitively more trustworthy? One car remains in the museum, another is driven every day? Which one survives 1700 years? One sweater is worn every day, one is packed away? Which one survives longer? Thousands, even millions of believers need Bibles. A few hundred copies of one version exist, tens of thousands of the other. Which of the two was in use by all those people? One other intuitive error. It is "scholarly" to believe evolution occurred and the world is many millions of years old. Your arguments fall apart so easily, but enjoy your praise.

tom sheepandgoats


One is more likely to accurately recall events of last week than of last year. Thus, the older the Bible translation, the less time has elapsed since reported events took place. Intuitively, you'd think it would be more accurate. I'd be surprised if no one has ever voiced that observation before; it's somewhat obvious. But, as explained in the post, it's incorrect. No translation was composed by eyewitnesses. They are all compilations of manuscripts. Thus, it becomes a context of unearthing the most ancient manuscripts. More recent Bibles have the edge on this, benefiting from archeological finds.

I'm not sure I understood the entire thrust of your comment.

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