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Thanks for your writing, Tom. You caused me to pause and think about some of the attitudes and opinions that I have picked up the last few years.


One of the few things I had heard about the Jehovah’s Witnesses that really did concern me was the practice of shunning. It seemed mean, especially if someone was being shunned on account of loyalty to there own conscience over some manner. The disfellowship rate also seemed kind of high, then I looked at my own Church’s records and found that our excommunication/resignation rate is about the same as the Jehovah’s Witnesses. The LDS Church has had some semi-major incidents involving the ex-communicating/resignation of members. For most among these was the September 1993 excommunications or disfellowshipment (these two terms have a differing statues in LDS parlance, with disfellowshipment being the less severe of the pair) of six major Mormon intellectuals and writers, (five on the left, and one on the right politically). Notable as well was the resignation of George P. Lee, the highest ranking American Indian in the Church, also during the early 90’s. I have not heard of similar things occurring with the body of the Jehovah’s Witnesses, at lest not of the sort that has attracted much media attention. The only such incident I can think of, is didn’t a member of the governing board leave the fellowship and turn against in the JW’s, oh in say the last decade or so. If so, I’d be curious what happened there.


Amen Tom!



He did. Ray Franz in 1980. I don't hear much about him anymore. Though he did write a book about his JW days, not flattering.


Tom, have you read Ray Franz's book? It was updated recently with some very significant additions. I'd be curious to know your thoughts on it.


Mike.e, I have not read it. I will post about my reasons soon.


When Jehovah's Witnesses knock on people's doors they want them to be 'open-minded' and listen. JW's on the other hand, are forbidden to read, listen or discuss anything that is not expressly approved by the Brooklyn. Even this blog goes against Governing Body very clear instructions.

tom sheepandgoats

Neither is it "forbidden" nor are there "clear instructions". To be sure, there is encouragement to be selective in entertainment and reading material, as with internet use. But where this "forbidden" silliness comes from I don't know.

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