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Hi !

Just wanted to reply to you about the Maigret... ;-)

I must admit I never read the books but I've seen countless TV movies about it.

No, French society isn't really like that... For some reason, French have a reputation of having mistresses (and lovers !) but I really don't think they do that more than any other society.

People are more open-minded (not sure whether I should say "open-minded" here cause I don't think it's a good thing but anyway) and sexuality is somehow more straightforward in my opinion. For example, the whole "date" thing just doesn't exist in France. Either you like someone, either you don't. But you don't date, then well, you know...

I think part of the stereotypes comes from the fact François Mitterrand, the former President, had had a well-known mistress and an "hidden" daughter. There was a small scandal at the time, but nothing even close to the Clinton/ Lewinsky scandal.

I think French enjoy this stereotype though... I mostly realized it when I moved abroad !

If you like Maigret, I'd suggest you have a look at these authors :

- San Antonio (
- Fred Vargas (really talented woman, great writer and excellent depictions of modern Paris caught in between traditions and weirdos)
- Daniel Pennas

They were all translated in English ;-)

tom sheepandgoats

Um....this really has nothing to do with my post, but Zhu's a good egg and i did ask her a relevant question on her own well-written blog.


It's interesting how compulsion creates obedience. The more power given to human authorities, the more power they'll want. The more power they want, the more we'll give up. The more we give up, the less we have a say in how much power to give them. Things tend to start getting dangerous once a government feels it can force behavior on people (flag salute, specific greetings "heil Hitler for example," hatred, suspicion, etc...)


As a Mormon missionary in the immediately aftermath of 9/1l I found myself increasingly mistaken for a Jehovah’s Witness. This manifested itself in a genuine anger at ’me’ for not respecting and saluting the flag, which many people at the time were particularly sensitive about. I had to explain that I was a representative of the LDS Church not a Jehovah’s Witness, and we Mormons have no issue with saluting the flag, military service, and the patriotic like. Some Mormon missionaries even took to wearing American flag lapel pins, though not solely because of the cases of mistaken identity. Anyway you Jehovah’s Witnesses are part of the reason we Mormons could proselytizes in communities that by-and-large would have much preferred we not do so, so thank you,… I think.


I have watched Knocking and truly appreciate the portrayal of JWs as law abiding, decent folks who mean no harm or disrespect toward any community member. I am a JW and I also work at a building where a flag is flown. I have taken the flag down when tattered and have taken it to the local VFW to be disposed of properly. Not every JW would have anything to do with such activity but I feel to do otherwise would show a disrespect for others beliefs. I may not agree with what others say but I will fight for their right to say it and I would hope the sentiment would be reciprocal.

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