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For the most part, I agree with you on church discipline, although I don't agree with the extent that JW's take it. I think that this is why church membership is so important and it is a shame that so many conservative, evangelical churches don't practice it.

But you will be very hard pressed to find a reformed baptist church that doesn't practice church discipline. This is one of the reasons why i'm a reformed baptist.

tom sheepandgoats


I admit, I was surprised to read the book's conclusions. I had imagined, maybe based on my knowledge of certain family members, that conservative evangelicals did, for the most part, apply Bible standards of living in their lives.

I try to take into account a book's author. Is he some lunatic fringe sorehead with an axe to grind? But no, this fellow seems universally respected in his community & and wins a lot of praise from other prominent church people.

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