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metapysical boredom

thanks for commenting on my blog about this young man. I really appreciated all of the comments from JW's an others who are far more knowledgable on the subject than I. I admit I have not even scratched the surface of this subject.


This is an article in Popular Science, titled 'Better Than Blood'.

tom sheepandgoats

Metaphysical: Not many are capable of taking a strong stand on an emotional topic and then reassessing when new data comes to light. Especially not on the internet. Thanks for your comment.

Thanks also for the link, jklace. I did check it out.


Hi Tom,

Thanks for giving some context to this story. Many blogs, especially ones that are anti-religious in tone, have jumped all over this story as an opportunity to bash Jehovah's Witnesses. Once that mob mentality gets stirred up (with the help of apostates, of course) there is no reasoning with them.

Of course, none of these same blogs will post anything on the numerous stories that are regularly reported on where some Witness was told to take a blood transfusion or die, yet found a doctor who then was able to perform a bloodless procedure that turned out successful. The agendas behind these blogs are clear.

There was even one blog maintained by a medical doctor that agreed that the patient should have the right to decide what treatments he'll receive, and agreed that the boy in this case had that right. But he opined that it was ignorance that caused him to refuse the transfusion.

That's not really surprising, since many doctors feel that any religion is ignorance and superstition, but what is surprising is that he did not allow my comment through in which I politely explained that Jehovah's Witnesses do carefully study the issue of blood, both from a scriptural and medical standpoint, and that they are proactive in promoting knowledge of bloodless alternatives to those in the medical profession.

Thanks for the excellent post. I'll be visiting in the future!


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