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Tom, I'm a little unclear what of this post was submitted by your colleague Tom Wheatandweeds. Presumably he didn't write "I" for you. Did his submission even make reference to me?

Or is "Wheatandweeds" just one of your pseudonyms? (If so, how many do you have? As if you'd tell me [smile].) I can't see any reason for you to refer to yourself in this post as though you were someone else, so I don't suppose that "Tom Wheatandweeds" IS a pseudonym.

I'm quite impressed by the Jehovah's Witnesses' "guardianship." Good on them, and good on you! You do seem to do good (and I remember what you told me about the exemplary conduct of Jehovah's Witnesses during the 1930's in Nazi Germany).

But Plato was NOT a materialist. He was very much an idealist. I don't think he's any atheist's "poster boy," although I suppose that you got that idea from me. It was inadvertent. I believe that my main references to Plato were (1) as a path to Socrates and his dealings with the Sophists (through Plato's dialogues) and (2) for the use of the principle that the residents of a state governed by a philosopher-king would need to be capable of understanding whether or not the king was an authentic philosopher, which I am fond of applying to a theocracy by way of invoking the principle that men can know what is good without having to be told by a deity.

I'm not sure, by the way, that Plato himself held that the governed "would need" to be able to evaluate the philosopher king; I may have got that from some critical work on Plato.

And I'm fairly certain that you don't see any need for "God's children" to be able to judge "the Father." Probably quite the contrary: such an idea might even strike you as blasphemous in some way? (Is blasphemy something that concerns Jehovah's Witnesses?)

Also (I'm genuinely curious), do Jehovah's Witnesses WORSHIP? You've characterized what goes on at Kingdom Hall as being more of a discussion or of listening to visiting speakers. I can't remember your ever writing about any worshiping going on, or about yourself as worshiping or being worshipful.


At our meetings we JWs sing the Psalms and pray to Jehovah. These are acts of worship.

Luis G. Aponte

I would like to know wich website i Have to go to see the operations of the printers and the operations in Patterson and the sucursales in different parts of the world like for example, Puerto Rico. Please send me this information my mother is a Jehova witness devoted and I would like to show her this information and pictures it will be very grateful for her and my self.

tom sheepandgoats

Sorry, I don't know of any, unless there would be something at the Watchtower's own site:


New Jordans

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tom sheepandgoats

Thank you, NJ

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