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This reminds me of the LDS Church’s Correlation Program (see: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Priesthood_Correlation_Program). Mormon culture has a similar apocryphal story of the U. S. Army studying the effectiveness of the missionary language training program.

tom sheepandgoats


From your article: "Because of the correlation program, the church generally operates the same in structure, practice and doctrine globally. For example, members in Germany, Kenya and Utah all study the same lessons and attend the same type of meetings in any given week."

Same can be said of us. Unity is a good thing, isn't it? But it is not possible without both organization and reasonable respect for authority. Interesting article.


It will be interesting to see what that one extra evening a week becomes used for. Keeping an eye on my own schedule, I hope I can use it for further personal study, with regularity, which can be difficult for me at times.

The letter seemed a little contradictory at first to me too. However there will obviously be more direction from the organization as to how it's all going to work.

After some reflection, it seems that the idea of the book study may still exist for emergency purposes, but not having it will help some of us strangthen our personal faith so we can stand on our own when certain types of trials arise.

Also, this change will mostly impact on cong's in western lands. In the Phillipines and many other poorer countries for example, most meetings are held all on one day due to distances traveled and cost. Just wait till we get that letter...

tom sheepandgoats

I didn't know that about the Phillipines. Thanks, Showme.


I'm glad that I finally found time to catch up on your blog...The consolidating the meetings surprises me, and I liked the bookstudies the most as a boy and young man.

Yet I can appreciate adjusting to the current times for people. Consider someone who must work 2 jobs. Getting two evenings off a week is much easier than 3. It really is a form of love to make an organizational change to accomodate those who need it.


Think you is talkin about Uncle Sam there. He was stubborn, but a good, good man.
Good riddence to the book study. One more night we don't have to go out.

tom sheepandgoats

You don't have to go out on any of them if you don't want. It's not compulsory, you know. Why would anybody go to a meeting that they don't think is worth their while?

He was a good good man. And yes, just a weeee bit stubborn.

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