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Great post Tom. In fact, it wasn't too long ago that we went over the book of Acts on the Thursday night meetings. Powerful stuff!

About Christianity and the world at odds: What I find interesting is that when some find that JWs are not surprised or in consternation about the world's negative view of us, we are then accused of having a persecution complex. Rather, we simply accept the reality of our situation and just get on with it.

I wonder if Paul was accused of this same thing? I wonder what the Greeks or Romans termed it back then?

tom sheepandgoats

Some of the most striking (because they are counterintuitive) "prophesies" in the Bible aren't really billed as such. That verse is one of them.


It seems to me that the world in general chants the mantra, "Freedom!" over and over until ones' ears bleed.

What freedom are they cheering for? Freedom from oversight and accountability. In the USA, deregulation of the banking/finance industry in general was greeted as a great thing. "Finally," went the thinking, "the red tape of government will get out of our way and allow us to do business!" We are all painfully aware of what happened.

To put it another way, if you "freed" a child from their parents, how would they fare? Yet what child doesn't occasionally dream of such freedom? Their dreams usually center around setting their own bedtime, eating whenever and whatever they want, and not having to go to school. In essence, they want little to no oversight.

If the world were run the way it was meant to be, then mankind would all equally answer to Jehovah for their actions, who would know without fail what was really going on. Everyone would be accountable for their actions. Justice today is handed out based on money, influence, and power. The more you have, the less accountable you are. Jehovah will not allow that to be the case in His New World.

When people condemn JW's for their lack of freedom, they are really condemning our acceptance of accountability. We don't want the freedom they cherish, because we see where it leads.

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