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Mary from Meander With Me

... spare me (and Dr. Jastrow). This is atheist tripe ...
I find those words to be both amusing and insulting. I am an atheist and for good reason. I study the Bible without trying to disect it and without trying to rewrite it and, I read it without trying to fill in what isn't there. As for living forever? Nothing wrong with the idea, but just because my neighbor wishes to live throughout eternity after death, does that mean something is wrong with me for not wanting to do so? I wish I understood why.

tom sheepandgoats

Hi Mary,

I don't know why. And it's really not my call.

Though it's not only life throughout eternity after death, but there will be a generation in which many living will never die.

Mary from Meander With Me

And I wish you much joy and happiness in whatever you believe. Here I am, approaching the big 90, and if you are as happy and contented in what you believe, as I am in what I believe, and if everybody else could say the same, wouldn't this be a near- perfect world in which to live? At least until that "new world" you believe in, comes along.

tom sheepandgoats

I guess I can't quarrel with that. Stay well, Mary.


I am flailing away with all ten fingers and whatever else I can bring to the table and why? Because I have only a short time to do what I came here to do. Theist or atheist, lots of people have that sense.

If Mr. Newman has let a childhood incident distance him from God, he has my sympathy. Most people outgrow these things long before they turn 60.

[ http://tinyurl.com/39jv4u5 ]

In addition to simply earning my living, being a husband and Dad, a minister and a teacher (English, woodworking and the Bible), I also maintain three blogs ... and my deepest regret is that there aren't more hours in my day ... in my life ... to do all that it is in me to do.

Even an atheist, if he is anything but a self-centered pig, must come down to the end of his days wishing there was more he could do to help the planet than simply to exit it.

tom sheepandgoats

That's a powerful sentence, Bill, that last one. Right on. And I second your thoughts on there not being enough time, which precludes taking on some things I would otherwise like to do - which includes looking too deeply into that writing site you showed me, though I may yet get there. Thanks for that, and let me know how it turns out.

tom sheepandgoats

I revisited this post recently, a year and a half after I wrote it. Notwithstanding the nice things I said about Dr Who, I don't watch it anymore. It was fleeting, as is all TV, though I could come back to it someday.

And no, it is NOT on account of the blonde.

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