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I hadn’t real thought about that aspect of Joe Jackson, your right with out his pushing the Jackson’s would probably still be poor and living in the Midwest. However there is certainly a vibe of schemer about him, he has long seemed the ‘get rich quick type’ to me, but that’s influenced in part by a 1990’s TV miniseries about the Jackson that certainly portrays him that way. Anyway his talking about his business dealings at press events related to his sons death, and his evident glade handling certainly aren’t classy, and don’t leave a good impression. I think Donny Osmond will probably end up the musical footnote upon his death, which I would guess will probably happen sometime in his eighties.


Well.....maybe it's that he's swimming in shark-infested waters, for which he has no specific training, other than school of hard knocks degree. Or maybe not. I confess, this all reflects a natural bias on my part toward family and parents.


From what I have seen of this world, one starts down a path with the best of intentions, and slowly sells part of who he is in order to keep going down that path. At some point, you either become a different person with aligned views, morals, and opinions (depending on the path you choose), or you change paths, starting the process over again.

Satan doesn't need us to make progress on any path, let alone the right one. So no matter what we do, the price will be high.

I figure that no matter what happened in Michael Jackson's life, he made the best decisions he could based on what he had. Regardless of the quality of those decisions, he is dead now and has paid the price for his sins. It is up to God to decide if he gets another chance.

tom sheepandgoats

Aptly put. One might even say, in the case of most resurrected ones, that they are getting a chance, rather than a second chance. That is, their life in this system was such an mixed-up obstacle course, with so many deceivers, and so much mayhem, that it almost doesn't count as a first chance.

But....as someone once told me, the way you settle questions like this is: assuming we get there ourselves in that new order, then we will find out.

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