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I actually commend JW's for their view on earth as being the eternal hope for all Christians. But that's where I differ. I believe earth is for all Christians, none to be eternally separate from others. At any rate, i've done decent amount of investigating in this area as far as "Christendom's" view on this. And yes, there is a large consensus among "fluffy" evangelicals that "heaven" is where we all go. And perhaps these are the ones whom JW's run into the most.

But the evangelicals who really know their Bibles, especially the Ph.D theologians, fully agree that earth is their destination. And just to give you an example, check out this eschatology discussion between four of the most prominent evangelical theologians:

I can't recall where in the discussion this came up, but all four dispelled the myth that heaven is our destination as Christians. The whole discussion is very interesting to watch, but i'm sure you'd be more interested in the earth discussion.

Anyway, just wanted to let you know that many more than just JW's believe that earth is our eternal dwelling place.

tom sheepandgoats


I published your comment without the supplied link, though I realize that leaves a hole in it.

I like material such as this presented transcript-style. That way, without viewing the entire presentation, which I feel I must do, I can get an idea of how long it is, allocation of subject matter, themes, and so forth. I can fast-forward. I almost never view video that is simply talking heads for that reason. I'll take your word for it that they eventually get around to discussing how the earth figures in God's purpose, and thanks for the observation.

I hope you will not take offense if I don't want to bring the church experience into my blog, and it seemed that your link would do just that. A lengthy debate or discussion among four evangelical leaders, before an audience, on their differing views of "eschatology." Presumably, there is no final resolution - just a hashing out of different ideas, with the audience free to side with any of them, none of them, combine some views, reject them all, or just walk away and say "neat stuff." It's just so different from anything I can concieve of happening among Jehovah's Witnesses, where we believe God instructs his worshippers in an entirely different way.


It opens with prayer, too, and that annoys me.....not the fact of prayer, of course, for we also open with prayer.....but the wording of the prayer itself. "Father, I love these guys....Bill and Jim and Sam....." Again, in a PUBLIC prayer, I can't concieve of a Witness opening with "I," as if to highlight his own spirituality. And of course, I know that when they say Father, they mean Jesus. That grates, too, since it clashes with our understanding that one ought to approach God through Jesus.

Also, your own comment (not from the link) rankles: "And yes, there is a large consensus among "fluffy" evangelicals that "heaven" is where we all go......But the evangelicals who really know their Bibles, especially the Ph.D theologians, fully agree that earth is their destination." Is this to say that "fluffy" evangelicals don't know their Bibles, and if so, why do the leaders, especially the "Ph D theologians", not rectify this? We manage to keep our people on the same page. The notion that evangelical leaders believe a fundamentally different doctrine than the rank and file is also foreign to Jehovah's Witnesses.

Look, I don't want to cause offense by dropping the link. You offered it in good faith, I'm sure, to illustrate your point. Presumably, they didn't veer off into discussion of what they don't like about Jehovah's Witnesses. Chalk it up to my rigidity, if you like. The four fellows are no doubt pleasant enough guys in person. Cute comment from one participant that, although, yes, the moderator is older than any of the others, he's not older than all of them put together. But I came from a church background many years ago, deciding after Bible study to follow a pattern I believe is more scripturally accurate; I've no desire to revisit it what left behind.


Tom, your comment brought a thought to my mind.

I have a family member who says that we should study the Bible and let God reveal what each of us needs at the right time in our lives. They also stated, "aren't all christians holy and doesn't God also speak through the lower ranking Christians?"

Letting go of a lot compared to my beliefs as a JW, I nodded and thought of Korah. Wasn't his point in rebelling against Moses that "the whole assembly is holy" and that God speaks to others, and not just Moses? It would have been a waste of breath to discuss that point, and I left it as an "agree to disagree." Yet I find the comparison to Korah striking.

tom sheepandgoats

As a practical matter, "agree to disagree" often works just fine.

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