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This is me in my best harness. My wife has her arm around me. She is looking at me with admiration. Who wouldnt? As for that grinning imbecile on my right, Ive no idea who that is. Our marriage made some waves. Not so much in her family, they appreciate diversity, but in mine. You want to marry a human? my Mom nearly choked. Are you nuts? Dont come crying to me when she buys a ton of furniture and you have to carry it on your back! Tell him, Fuzzy, she turned to my Dad. Tell him not to do it! But all Dad could do was spit. But with passage of time they have come to love her as I do. She gives me three bags of feed each day and scratches behind my ears. Our family gatherings are very pleasant, though some of her people get uptight when my relatives track in on the clean floor.


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