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Some Stay and Some Leave

Last week, Birdness Buck got canned at Metro Megacorp. This week, he is starting a website entitled My Life at Metro Megacorp....the Real Truth.

Question: Will the new website be kind to Metro Megacorp?  (Hint: Not a snowball's chance in you-know-where.)

Last month, Bob Slickbottom quit Metro Megacorp. The next day he started a website entitled My Years at Metro Megacorp....the Real Scoop.

What about the Bob’s website? Will it be kind?

This one's harder to call. People job hop today. They aren't necessarily steamed, they just move on. Still, if someone goes to all the trouble of webbing, odds are he won’t be too nice. We all know it's much more fun to lambaste something than praise it. But it could go either way.

However, when grandpa Slyster Slickbottom quit Metro Megacorp 50 years ago, people didn't job hop. You worked at a place straight from school and stayed until retirement. So Sly was steamed, otherwise he would have stayed. When he started his website Twenty years a Metro Megacorp Slave,  he was not kind to his former employer.   

In fact, his site set the pattern for the Birdness Buck site, and was far more impressive, since there was no web then.

It’s like that when a person leaves Jehovah's Witnesses. Its organization represents a faith and a way of life. Like the lifetime employer of former times, people don't enter to stay a few years before moving on. If they leave, it’s likely because they’re peeved over something. Otherwise they would have stayed. And if that person finds the web, he may not be kind.

As for Birdness Buck, Jehovah's Witnesses are among the few faiths that will expel a person for serious misconduct, when persistent and unrepentant. Watch out for any websites started in that wake. There is a fair number of sourpuss websites authored by former JWs.

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ex-Jehovah's Witnesses are always the worst offenders. They really are a mess!

I like your blog. :)

tom sheepandgoats

If you really makes the truth your own, you develop goals and attitudes very much out of harmony with the general world. As Jesus said, his disciples are no part of the world. Many religions are like matching accessories to one's ordinary life. Not Jehovah's Witnesses.

That's why Jesus said count the cost, and Paul spoke of possible "shipwreck" concerning ones faith. If you have a change of heart and leave the truth, most of what you made a main focus in your life now seems pointless. There is a giant hole that you have to explain somehow.

Some people simply suck it up and move on. But others look for someone to blame, and the most easy target is the faith itself.

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