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Elliot Spitzer and the Garbage Plate

Hickey Freeman was not enough! Elliot Spitzer has selected another Rochester icon to usher in his inauguration day this Monday…the Garbage Plate. Seems when he was in Rochester his wife sampled this bit of local cuisine just after or before Mr. Spitzer bought his new suit, and decreed it must be on the Big Day Menu.  If she ate the whole thing, she’s 20 pounds heavier now. A “gut-busting” local favorite, it’s a hot dog or hamburger under home fries, macaroni salad, baked beans and meat sauce. It’s a Rochester legend, as is Nick Tahou’s, the restaurant where it was invented.

When the old man (Nick) was alive there was just one restaurant, open 24 hours, in the rugged part of the city. Sheepandgoats worked in the suburbs during the B shift, and rubbed shoulders with all the suburban wannabe toughs who maintained that they were tough, and as proof, cited that they were not afraid to venture into the city, at night, to grab a Garbage Plate at Tahou’s! Of course, it wasn’t really that big of a deal. Sheepandgoats, who for many years lived in the city and consequently, to a mild degree is "streetwise",  did not consider a nocturnal visit a test of manhood, but such was the reputation.

When our buddy Derrick ran the 5K race, he finished, more or less, last, but we were all proud of him on account of the effort. We went to celebrate at Nick Tahou’s ordering Garbage Plates all around. They needed cranes to get us out of there.

Mr. Spitzer’s new Hickey Freeman suit provides Rochesterians with an early warning of his intentions, but not necessarily his ability. Now the Garbage Plate has come to the rescue! If Mr. Spitzer wears his Hickey Freeman suit, which he said he would do, subject to assorted disclaimers of my previous post, and he eats 3 or 4 Garbage Plates, which he must do to make us happy in Rochester, and he does not slop any of it on his new suit, then he can do anything! Everything will indeed change, as he has promised, the only possible exception being his unspotted suit!

Spitzer watch here.


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Aaron Lazar

Hey, Tom. Very nice camel colored fur you have there. Wait a minute, maybe that's an insult to your breed? Err, tan. Or beige. Do they have palominos in your world?

Loved your bio and am pleased to meet a neighbor from Upstate!



Nice post, I enjoyed it.

Romulus Crowe

Hi Tom

I'll be watching to see if this politician keeps his first promise. I think the act of keeping promises makes them spontaneously combust, so it'll be an interesting test of that theory.

The Garbage Plate sounds terrible. If he does eat one, try to get a video of it. It would be a sight to see!

tom sheepandgoats

Thank you, Romulus.

You can’t follow this too closely, all the way from the UK, but this fellow is somewhat of a legend over here. As New York Attorney General, he had authority over brokerage houses, located on Wall Street, NYC. He’s really done some housecleaning there and has stepped on some toes. The SEC (Security and Exchange Commission) also has authority (on the Federal level) but they drag their feet more, so Elliot has sort of shoved them aside & done things himself. The two have squabbled a bit over turf wars.

As you know, I am not a political person. Nonetheless, this guy has a lot of confidence behind him & has made a name for himself. He’s very popular with most, but not all. There are some who accuse him of blatant ambition which overshadows everything else. Rumor has it he has his eye on the presidency.

I confess I will find it interesting. He has his work cut out for him. New York comes in 2nd of the states (out of 50) for most heavily taxed and most indebted per person. You hear witticisms floating around such as “Last one out of New York, please turn off the lights.”

I can’t imagine you’re too interested, so far away are you, but here is a rather detailed day to day blog from someone who is obviously a believer.

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